Parkview Arts Action is a new arts organisation that aims to harness the transformative power of art to raise awareness of critical environmental issues and inspire change among global communities. We are dedicated to providing a platform for emerging artists to address pressing environmental issues. Our ambition is to support and encourage debate between arts, business and scientific communities, advocacy organisations and the public around environmental sustainability.

Parkview Arts Action was set up by the Parkview Group. This organisation is a natural extension of Parkview’s commitment to improving environmental sustainability across its commercial ventures and its support and patronage of arts.

Parkview’s most recent project, Parkview Green Fang Cao Di in Beijing, is the first mixed-use commercial development in China to be certified LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum, the highest award in the Green Building Rating System. This certification is one of many environmental awards bestowed on the Parkview Green development since opening in 2012. At Parkview Green the office, conference, retail, leisure, hospitality and art buildings are not cold and impregnable, but breathing, organic life forms. A great deal of thought has been given to the quality of life and wellbeing of users and environmental sustainability. Environmental innovation not only delivers a more efficient design, but also dramatically enhances the human experience of using the space, making it a potent symbol of a new way of thinking in urban development and green architecture.

Parkview has supported Chinese art for the past 50 years and Chinese contemporary artists for over 20 years. Its art collection includes the largest Dali collection outside of Spain, numerous artworks by western masters, an invaluable collection of imperial Chinese stone Buddhist carvings and a substantial collection of contemporary Chinese art amounting to over 10,000 works. The collection has grown in scale and prestige under the leadership of George Wong, the eldest brother and Honorary Professor of the Nanjing University of the Arts. His position as a knowledgeable patron and foremost collector of Chinese contemporary art has led to his appointment as Research Fellow by the National Museum of China to build its first collection of contemporary Chinese art.

Parkview Arts Action currently has a programme of biannual touring art exhibitions, featuring art which addresses urgent environmental issues. Staged in conjunction with our international partners: museums and galleries, each exhibition will tour to two international venues before its final showing in Beijing. The first exhibition in this programme was On Sharks & Humanity, which featured over thirty artists. The exhibition was shown in Monaco, Moscow and Beijing. Future exhibitions will focus on air and water pollution, as well as issues related to recycling.