Previous posts on the Parkview Arts Action website have already explored and discussed the value of art. In recent months, one of art’s most important features (its therapeutic quality) has found a new form: Colouring Books.

The therapeutic effect of art has long been documented. For example, over the past few years music has played an important role in cognitive medicine. Specifically, dementia patients have greatly benefitted from interactive art and music sessions with carers. Although dementia sufferers experience severe memory loss, they are often able to recall music and lyrics, which offers them a way to interact with others. Studies have even suggested that music can improve the memory of dementia patients. (See:

Now, adults are turning to the relaxing activity of colouring books to unwind after stressful days at work. Both Foyles and Waterstones have reported an increase in their sales of colouring books, with new titles in the genre aimed specifically at adults.

Art, then, is not only valuable as a tool through which people can examine the world. It also offers a tangible, immediate type of therapy to those in need of comfort.

Colouring books are available to buy through both Waterstones and Foyles’ websites.

Image Source: Pixabay