Vladimir Klabukov 3

Vladimir Klabukov 4

Vladimir Klabukov 5

The final pieces have been put up and the exhibition is ready to welcome art lovers in Moscow. Previews of ‘On Sharks & Humanity’ will begin this evening, with a select number of journalist and art guests present.

‘On Sharks & Humanity’ will be hosted by the Ekaterina Foundation until the end of June. The purpose of having a travelling exhibition is to spread messages of shark and marine preservation as far as possible. Although China consumes the highest amount of shark fin soup, its important to note that shark is found in many other health and beauty products – and many countries still allow the import of shark fin, as well.

Below are a few pictures of the evening’s events and the artworks in situ.

Picture 1: Natasha Polskaya
Pictures 2 – 4: Vladimir Klabukov