The On Sharks & Humanity documentary premiered at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit on 6 November 2015. The video will be available to watch soon. In the mean time, here are some pics from the museum:
Robert Calcagno, CEO of the Oceanographic Institute Foundation Albert I, Prince of Monaco
Film Festival Winners – scroll down for the full list
Photography display at the museum – the world population of narwhals is currently estimated to be around 75,000.
Photography display at the museum – many communities rely on the oceans for their food and income.  
Our doc was screened Out of Competition, but here’s a list of the festival winners. Congratulations to all!
BEST OF FESTIVAL: Racing Extinction
BROADCAST PROGRAM: The Dark Side of The Ocean
SHORTS (15-30 MIN): Fragile Legacy
SHORTS (under 15 min): One Voice
STUDENT FILMMAKER: The Lion Fish Plague of the Atlantic, Caribbean, & Gulf

The documentaries looked at the beauty of the oceans and threats to the marine ecosystem. Each one examines a different aspect of the underwater world – some follow sharks, others expose environmental problems and some even expose hitherto unknown facts about the ocean world.

If you’re curious about the festival, click here for more info:

You never know – it could be coming to a city near you soon!