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As part of the wrap up event for the On Sharks & Humanity exhibition at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, Parkview Arts Action partnered with Salone Monaco* to create the best Chinese New Year celebrations Monaco has seen.

The event consisted of the announcement for the travelling plans for On Sharks & Humanity exhibition – firstly to Ekaterina Foundation in Moscow for May 2015 followed by a move to the National Museum of China – a traditional lion dance, exclusive Chinese New Year messages from China to Monaco, good luck salad tossing and plenty of firecrackers. With nearly 600 guests, the atmosphere was very lively. It was a great way to celebrate the end of the exhibit’s stay in Monaco.

*Salone Monaco, located in Beijing Parkview Green FangCaoDi, is the first space dedicated to the Principality of Monaco in China and serves as a unique bridge between the business and cultural worlds of China and Monaco. Inspired by the Salons of the Italian Renaissance and French Enlightenment, Salone Monaco is a place where international and local communities come together through private and public forums, events and meetings. The home of Parkview Arts Action, the Salone will in the future host talks, discussions and forums about the environment.