Ma Jun is a Chinese environmentalist, non-fiction writer, environmental consultant, and journalist. He is a director with the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) and the 2014 Water Awardee of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Here are some snippet from his speech – video to come soon!

‘40% of the water pollution in China ends up in the Yangtze river and this pollution is then carried to other rivers and eventually into the ocean. This urgent and serious problem could be solved with the involvement society – with the involvement of the public. In 2006 we created a map database to monitor the levels of water pollution in China – raising awareness of the problems to promote public engagement with the issue.’

‘We now collaborate with big brands and more than 1600 companies, encouraging them to fix problems related to water pollution and to publish their water discharge data. Thanks to our communications with environmental organisations, eventually these companies – together with local governments – created a maintenance facilities system to tackle the issue of water pollution and they created the first ever system to recycle wasted water from paper manufactory water.’

‘We also created a mobile phone app in order to share this data with more users. We provide data for water and air pollution in more than 380 cities. The electronic map allows users to check information and the water quality level of all the rivers in a selected area.’

‘I hope that now, with this readily available data and information, more and more people in daily life will be able to supervise and monitor different companies. In this way, we can make a conscious choice and choose to work with companies that are more sensitive to issues related to environmental protection. Through this kind of joint effort, I believe that we can turn the ocean blue again.’