May Mei is a 10 year veteran in managing and operating international non-profit organisations. In 2004, she founded the WildAid China office serving as the China Chief Representative. Under her leadership, WildAid China has successfully launched numerous influential awareness campaigns on endangered wildlife protection and climate change. Here are some snippet from her speech – video to come soon!

‘The message we wanted to convey with our campaign was clear and simple: if we don’t buy or consume animals products, we can protect animals. Because of the message’s simplicity and clarity, a lot of young people joined our group and helped to spread the message. So, after a survey in 2012, it emerged that thanks to the joint effort of the government campaigns and our own campaigns for shark conservation, the consumption of shark fin soup had been reduced by 70%.’

‘I am very grateful to have been given the chance to cooperate with Parkview Group for On Sharks & Humanity. When I first spoke to the artists and saw their artworks, I was thrilled – I saw what a great opportunity this was to raise awareness about the importance of loving animals and respecting life.’

‘I would like to take advantage of the internet era and turn every single person into a WildAid representative – in terms of our campaigns to protect the Oceans and the Environment in general. Anything is possible. If you become involved – if you participate and understand the importance of the cause – you can achieve everything…What else? I hope that the social responsibility becomes a habit for every individual.’