For the 20th anniversary fund raiser of The International School of Monaco (ISM), Liu Zining was commissioned to paint ‘Us’ on the side of a MINI which was generously donated by Mr. Mazanov 2014.

It took approximately 35 + days for Liu Zining to complete his work. Once the car came back to Monaco it was signed by Prince Albert II both inside and outside of the car.

” The eye is a common part of animals and humans, a channel through which both are thought to express their interior worlds. Here oversized shark eyes gaze at the viewer as the viewer stares back at them, expressing a mutual exchange and levelling of the customary hierarchy of human over animal. Magnified, every fleck of colour and shadow is depicted in vivid detail, and the viewer’s image is reflected in the shiny surface, placing them at the centre of the work. The indignant and sorrowful expression in the shark’s eye is intended to provoke us to consider the effects of our violent attitude towards sharks, humanising the animal’s emotions and encouraging us to view them as more than a violent predator.” Liu Zining