In this incredible photograph, you can see a pelagic thresher shark giving birth. The image was captured by photographer and film maker Attila Kaszo (Bicskos) and is recognised as an official world first scientific recording.

Pelagic thresher sharks have long, scythe like tails, which they can use to stun or capture prey. They are found in the tropical and subtropical waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Attila is based near Nowra, New South Wales on the East coast of Australia. His work has been published in over 100 books and an extensive range of magazines worldwide. Attila’s work ranges from desert landscapes to images of the Middle East and Africa, and from tropical rainforests to underwater shots.

There is also an article currently being prepared for BBC Wildlife and a Documentary about Pelagic Threshers at Cebu, which will commence production in May 2015. Its aim is to educate the public about this relatively unknown predator and how it is affected by habitat modification and destruction. The film will also focus on how marine parks can protect and enhance fish populations especially in regions where stocks have been heavily depleted due to overfishing.

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Image: AMBvision.