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Madison Stewart, a 21 year old underwater film maker, proves that sharks really don’t deserve their bad reputation.

On her website, Madison describes herself as having grown up in the oceans. The Great Barrier Reef was her childhood obsession. She recalls the moment when she realised that something was wrong with the underwater world:

“I had entered the water on a night dive with only two years in-between my last visit. This was a place in the past I had the closest encounter with sharks, they would hunt in the floodlights from the boats, and it was often just my father and myself surrounded by up to 40 sharks. This was the stuff dreams were made of, this was my place, to this day I have never felt safer or more at home than in those waters surrounded by sharks. When I returned to this reef only a year later, I saw one shark, too scared to come close to the boat. They were gone.”

This spurred Madison on to where she is today. Through a variety of projects, Madison is challenging the modern attitudes towards shark. In particular, she is campaigning to shut down the legal shark fisheries which can be found in the Great Barrier Reef.

Please see her website below, for details the projects she is currently undertaking, alongside some eye-opening information about the current plight of sharks.

Photography: Ernst Stewart