Face - To - Face


The first event in Parkview Arts Action’s new series of Face to Face salons took place at Salone Monaco on 28 April. The audience were joined by expert guests who provided an insight into the global environmental challenges faced today. The panelists were May Mei, Chief Representative of WildAid China and Dr Yang Xudong, Vice Executive Secretary of China Green Foundation.

The idea of a salone, a place to meet and exchange ideas, dates back to 16th Century Italy. It gained great popularity a few centuries later in the literary salons of Paris. They have long played a storied role in society, influencing art and culture, and were frequented by various avant-garde thinkers.

Parkview Arts Action will hold more of these events in future. Salone Monaco, the venue for the talks, is the ideal space for Parkview Arts Action forums. The rooms are filled with works of contemporary art and the building is an eco-friendly piece of architecture. Just like its predecessors, Salone Monaco fosters an atmosphere conducive to conservations about art, culture and the environment. The forums will encourage debate on a wide range of environmental topics.

You can visit Salone Monaco’s website here: www.salonemonaco.com