Poem of the deep blueness
120×190 cm


This work embodies the representation of an epic poem about the Ocean. It depicts scenes about life in the ocean reflecting also the relationship between humans and nature. On the background, the artist selected images typical of the paintings from Song Dynasty with fishermen and landscape. Spectacular images of underwater life are combined with scenes depicting humans’ destructive behaviour against nature and scenes of natural and man- made calamities. Through this artistic language filled with poetry and lyricism, the artist hopes to encourage the viewer to question our role in the natural world and our relationship with nature.


Cong Yunfeng was born in 1990 in Heilongjiang province and he holds a master degree from China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He obtained also a master degree from the Prince Charles Academy of fine Arts (UK). His artistic exploration is characterized by a multi- disciplinary and experimental approach.

Aileron - Beli - Monaco 2014