The Saviour
320 x 120 cm
Oil On Linen

The Saviour is a satirical look at the eventual end, when technology has eroded and buildings have crumbled, will Man the destroyer be Man the saviour? When every living creature is reduced to a scrambling mess, will Man be the one to rectify the situation or will he just sit back and watch the tide go by. The Saviour is one of the most representative work of David Chan. David’s signature style uses bright vivid background and adorable animals as his main theme. Despite being aesthetically, there is so much more that is implicit in his work. The anthropomorphic representation of animals encourages the viewer to re- think the relationship between humans and animals and to reflect upon topics seldom discussed yet still prevalent in our society.
David Chan is a full-time artist and also an earnest arts educator. In 2004, he won the 23rd UOB Painting of the Year – Representational Medium Category Award. Comfortable in both sculpture and painting, his subject matters revolve around human behaviour and representations of social commentary.
David Chan - The Saviour-Singapore 2017
David Chan - The Saviour-Singapore 2017