Manhattan – Shark
266 x 106 cm
Mixed Media on Canvas

The work was created during the artist’s American period. His artistic language was romantic and textured; he often worked in collages. The painting combines intricate, hyper-realistic Surrealism with Orthodox Church imagery. ‘Manhattan – shark’ is a work from a series titled Apocalypse On The 11th of September, which reflects the artist’s thoughts after the New York tragedy. The artist himself saw his art as ‘structural symbolism’, in which an integral image of the world splits into a sequence of symbolic images, wrapped in time.


Dmitry Plavinsky was a Russian artist, who worked in a range of media including graphic arts. He was from the generation of 1960s nonconformists, who represented non-official art. Born in Moscow in 1937, he was a student of the theatre department of Moscow Art College from 1951 to 1956. He was one of the best artists in the non-official Moscow art group. From the 1960 to 70s he was a member of ‘Twenty’, a group of Moscow artists who were avant-gardists. Dmitriy Plavinskiy was one of the founders and leaders of the ‘non-conformism’ art movement in Russia. From 1991 till 2004 the artist lived and worked in New York USA. In 2004 he returned to Moscow where he passed away in 2012.

Manhattan - Shark - Dmitry Plavinsky - Moscow 2015