The Ekaterina Cultural Foundation was founded in 2002 by Ekaterina and VladimirSemenikhin, who are major collectors of early 20th century Russian art. The foundation isfocused on several areas of activity including exhibitions and publishing, contemporary artcollections and cultural and educational projects. The foundation is especially interestedin projects devoted to Russian art from the second half of the 20th century. Importantly, itprovides the public with access to Russian and international contemporary art. Thefoundation actively cooperates with state museums, art centres and other foundations,both in Russia and abroad. In 2007 The Foundation opened its exhibition space in Moscow a few minutes’ walk fromRed Square. The Gallery’s art collections include: Russian Art from the 18th – 19thcenturies, The Knave of Diamonds, Russian Avant-Garde and Contemporary Western Art.The foundation is participating in projects which foster modern Russian art and preservethe Russian cultural heritage in its various forms including the art landscape, architecture,folk arts and crafts. The past projects with foreign museums and arts centres involved collaborations with,amongst others, The National Museum of Monaco, Foundation Cartier, History of ArtsMuseum in Vienna, V&A London, Paris-Beijing Gallery and Cultures France.   For more information please visit the website.