Whale Shark Mother and Child  
  180 × 150cm (Two pieces)  
  Oil on Canvas and Propylene  
A shark fin dominates the painting. The profile of a whale shark can be seen in the bottom right corner of the picture. Similarly, the upper left corner also shows a whale shark, but here the image is blurred, the shark’s head disappearing into the deep blue sea. The need for shark protection is represented through the concept of life, something which is inherently valuable. The large shark fin interrupts the continuity of the painting, separating the whale shark and her pup. The magnitude of shark massacre is represented by the interwoven, vein-like branches which spread across the shark’s body, devouring the whale shark and illustrating humanity’s greed. These sharks are slaughtered to satisfy the demand for shark fin, which directly impacts the destiny of the whale shark mother and her child. All life deserves respect and protection. BIO Fu Tso Hsin was born in Taiwan in 1971. He graduated from L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Versailles in 2004. He has exhibited in many international countries including Korea, Japan, Italy, France and Belgium. He mainly works and lives in Tokyo and Taizhong.