100 x 100 cm
Oil on canvas


Life comes from a point, a circle. The Earth is a circle encompassing all the beings. Sharks and Humans both live on Earth. The massacre of shark is driven by the interests and the greed of humans. We have the obligation of spreading a message of hope for the future of the sharks and for our own future: our hope is that in the future sharks will be no longer massacred for the sake of financial profit and avidity. These expectations and this hopes can be imaged as a white point; then this white point can be enlarged with a brush to represent the entire Earth (which occupies the canvas): this way, the message of protecting sharks can reach every corner of the earth.


Fu Tso Hsin was born in Taiwan in 1971. He graduated from L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Versailles in 2004. He has exhibited in many international countries including Korea, Japan, Italy, France and Belgium. He mainly works and lives in Tokyo and Taizhong.
Aileron - Beli - Monaco 2014