Dimensions variable
Laser, Mirrored Surface, Steel, Aluminium Alloy

The wall structure of Door has been created using laser lights. The carefully positioned rays illuminate the sides of the door as well as its upper section, which has a mirrored surface. The reflection from this surface refracts the red laser light onto the front wall, making it appear as if the door is dwarfed by a red tunnel. Interestingly, the fake door is made from a transparent acrylic board, creating a realistic illusion. At first viewers may feel that they are stood before a real door, but they soon realise the falsity of the image when they touch it. This is called a virtual dimension. The space created by the red laser light will be interpreted as an illusionary space: when the viewers walk through the laser, they are forced to observe the physical boundaries of their own space. The paradox between illusion and reality and the subversion of coordinates will force viewers to undergo an illusionary and contradictory experience.


Born in 1977 in Beijing, Li Hui graduated in 2003 from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. His sculptural works explore the physical properties of materials and the relationship between material and form, often challenging the influence of modern technology on the human mind. In recent years the artist has captured the attention of international critics.