Forgotten Landscape
250×400×130 cm
Mixed Media

“Forgotten Landscape” is an installation composed by half abstract objects which create different visual effects with natural images and landscapes. While rotating, at a certain time these three object align themselves so as to create the profile of a shark. This very visual effect symbolizes that humans in the vast nature are threating the existence of sharks, beautiful creature in nature and it also represents a warning about the risk that sharks might become a “forgotten landscape” in the future….

Li Jiwei was born in 1960 in Beijing. From 1980-1983 he studied traditional Chinese painting at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. He was a teacher in the Fine Art Department of the Beijing Film Academy from 1990-1993. In 1995, he went on to study abstract painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, completing his Master’s course in 1996. He was awarded the ‘Meisterschulpreis’ and ‘Goldener Fügerpreis’ while studying in Vienna. His work has been exhibited in various countries such as China, Germany, Austria and Lichtenstein. He currently lives and works in Beijing and Berlin.