Natural Chain – Shark’s Paradise
250 x 180 cm (2 pieces)
Oil on canvas

His painting combines notions of biology and mythology,representing them through an abstract aesthetic language. The theory of the soul and the animal instinct are integrated within the totality of the universe. In this artwork, sharks are depicted in the Garden of Heaven, an image taken from the Bible: the garden here is represented through the Ocean. The representation of the shark in this natural paradise is the ultimate meaning of the artwork.
This painting aims to encourage viewers to reconsider their attitude towards nature and their responsibility of protecting it through visual and aesthetic inspiration.
Ling Jian is a painter known for his sharp oil and acrylic portraits of women. Born in China’s Shandong province, Ling attended Qinghua University Art College in Beijing, and graduated in 1986. He lived and worked in Vienna and Hamburg throughout the 1980s, and has divided his time between Berlin and Beijing since 1996. Ling’s paintings address issues of personal identity in China and examine the social and political aspects of Chinese life.
Aileron - Beli - Monaco 2014
Aileron - Beli - Monaco 2014
Aileron - Beli - Monaco 2014