Who should be scared
900×362×478 cm
Polyurethane board

This 9 meters long piece of art represents a shark being hung to an arch and portrays the poach-ing of this threatened species. Philippe Pasqua intends to ironize on the fact that the biggest predators are in reality human beings. The artist addresses the issue of humans’ responsibility and poses the question: “Who should be scared?”


Philippe Pasqua was born in 1965 in Grasse, France and began paint-ing at the age of 18 with extra paint recovered from building sites. The self-taught artist is inspired by the work of Lucien Freud and Francis Ba- con, having begun his career focusing on portraiture and the human body. Pasqua’s first exhibition was in 1990 in Paris, since there he has exhibited around the world, in places such as New York, London and Moscow.

Aileron - Beli - Monaco 2014