490 x 183 cm
Acrylic on canvas


Equilibrium is an artistic study on the struggle between man and nature, encapsulated in this case by the juxtaposition of two mortal enemies: a shark and a fishing boat. In the painting, a life-sized Great White Shark is superimposed over an aging, dilapidated boat of the kind often used for poaching and shark finning. The careful positioning of these two ancient enemies reveals a poignant irony in that their shapes are remarkably similar: both are streamlined for hydrodynamic speed and efficient predatory behavior. Similarly, both entities are endangered, clinging to survival in an ever-changing, technology-driven world. This painting is one of several in a series by Thomas Schoos that aspire to heighten global awareness of the plight of endangered species. All are executed with a note of irony, calling attention to the features of each creature most valued by poachers and consumers. The works illustrate how animals pay the price for human commerce.


Thomas Schoos’ studied at a professional art school in Cologne before becoming an apprentice stone sculptor for three years at the Cologne Cathedral. Schoos then moved into the world of commercial art, designing and painting scenery for fashion displays and exhibits, before deciding to focus on his career as an independent artist. His previous experience as a craftsman impacts his work, so that the demands of a physical space will influence both subject matter and textural treatment. He has sold thousands of pieces of art around the world, from Mumbai to China to Mexico City.

Thomas Schoos - Equilibrium - Beijing 2015
Thomas Schoos - Equilibrium - Beijing 2015
Thomas Schoos - Equilibrium - Beijing 2015