Shark Fin Soup
100 x 240 cm
Mixed media on canvas


The body of the Mako shark was created with acrylic paste, sand and acrylic colors, while the fins were made from plastic. These red-coloured fins are those which are normally removed in the process of shark finning – the key ingredients for shark fin soup. To ensure they remained intact, the shark’s fins were secured with strong cord to the shark’s body. This sends a clear message: shark fins should remain on the shark. The additional fish skeletons, squid and jellyfish were also made from plastic. Plastic materials such as nets, lines, ropes, bags, grids, trap boxes, floats and plastic sticks were collected on Galician beaches and then integrated into the work by gluing, sewing, and tacking. The final paint layer, which covers the whole surface, consists of different media including glue, acrylics and various pigments.



Wolfgang Trettnak was born in Graz, Austria. He received a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Graz, worked in applied scientific research on sensors and biosensors for many years and has also published a number of scientific articles. He became a freelance artist in 2002, and his work has been exhibited in several European countries as well as in China. He links his art with scientific subjects such as bionics, electronics, luminescence and environmental pollution. In the past few years he has been especially concerned with the threats to marine life.

Margarita Cimadevila was born in Sada, Coruña, Spain. She has a degree in Chemistry from the University of Santiago de Compostela and has worked as a science teacher and headmistress at different secondary schools in Galicia. She is the president of the science and art association ARSCIENCIA, and the organiser of the international course ‘Science & Art: so different, so similar!’ She has long been interested in the relationship between Science and Art, which found artistic expression in her series of paintings on subjects such as particle physics at CERN, as well as in her exhibition ‘Ciencia Ex Aequo’, which celebrated the contributions from women in science.

Wolfgang Trettnak & Margarita Cimadevila