400 x 400 x 400 cm
Artificial ostrich skin


The gentle touch of a butterfly reminded the artist of the selfishness of human nature – it is the complete opposite of the violence which springs from human desire. A living creature should not be deprived of its bodily needs and reduced to a mere function or object. Every time a life is sacrificed, a painful process of separation takes place between the soul and the body. In this artwork, the shark’s body has become a husk, as the soul (represented by the butterfly) vanishes. Beautiful appearances often conceal ugliness and cruelty, and here the butterfly’s wings are joined to the shark by a leather covering, which symbolises death. At the same time, the leather is punctured by a sharp edge which penetrates the shark. Perhaps now the shark is no longer a shark, but it is the viewer who is feeling the pain.



The young sculptor Wang Liwei was born in 1983, Heilongjiang. He is an independent sculptor and also a professor in the Art Department of NanKai University BinHai College. His artistic creations are often characterised by an experimental approach, using mixed materials and techniques.

Wang Liwei - metaplasis - Beijing 2015