Downward Force on Upward Moving Objects 834 x 258 x 379 cm Lacquer, Stainless Steel, Regular Steel 2015


This piece is a mass installation of stainless buoys floating above the water, with weights pressing down on the waves. These conflicting forces illustrate the battle between man’s greed and the need to control this greed. Mankind’s complex relationship with nature is evoked by these opposing pressures.


Born in 1959, Wang Luyan is one of China’s leading conceptual artists. He was a founding member of the avant-garde group Stars exploring political artistic experimentation as a result of the Cultural Revolution in the late 1970’s, and was deeply involved in the New Measurement Group, a three-member initiative of conceptual artists that existed from 1988 -1995. His works have been presented in collective and solo exhibitions in China and internationally.


Moscow Image 1 Credit: Vladimir Klabukov Moscow Image 2 Credit: Grisha Galantny

Wang Luyan - Downward Force - Beijing 2015
Wang Luyan - Downward Force - Beijing 2015