The Body and the Sharks
6 minutes 40 seconds

This performance depicts the artist in a 10 cubic metre water tank with two sharks. The film evokes the tension and vulnerability between man and shark. But here the sharks ignore the human presence, suggesting that perhaps shark and man can exist in harmony, and this tension is in fact imagined. The performance illustrates the direct connection between the human body and nature, and our ability to learn through physical experience.


Born in 1961, Weng Fen is a native of the Hainan province in China and currently teaches at the Hainan University Fine Arts School in Haikou. He has been an active contemporary performance artist since 1997. He has contributed to more than 50 exhibitions in China and overseas, generating an international reputation. He continues to create works relating to man, nature and urbanisation.


The Body and the Sharks - Weng Fen
The Body and the Sharks - Weng Fen - Monaco 2014