To Poseidon
380 X 175 X 192 cm
Stainless Steel

In this steel sculpture the shark is portrayed as a war ship, a soldier of Poseidon, strong and resistant to attack. A sense of transience is evoked through the idea that the different elements that make up the sculpture can be disassembled and reassembled in a different form. In this way the sculpture is reminiscent of a toy, subverting the serious themes expressed through its materiality. The artist describes the work in a poem:

I am a soldier
Brave enough to attack
I have sharp teeth, but no enemies to attack
They would like to seduce me with hopes
Just to take my arms
A spear pierces my back
Surprisingly no blood comes out
Am I living in a dream?
Is it possible that Poseidon, who should protect us,
is so drunk to the point that he cannot even hold weapons?
But I will live
They won’t seize my body
Neither the last breath which comes out with blood
I will linger in the spiral of the hope of rebirth
At the beginning I was not in a dream
Blue is the blood in the blue (Sea)
I am a soldier
To live is my courage
And if I won’t protect you anymore
Please let me die


Born in 1978 in the Northeast region of China, Xia Hang graduated in 2009 from the sculpture department of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts. His works, made of polished stainless steel, can be assembled and disassembled, exploring multiple configurations and possibilities of form and meaning.

To Poseidon - Xia Hang - Monaco 2014
To Poseidon - Xia Hang - Monaco 2014
To Poseidon - Xia Hang - Monaco 2014