Stubborn Monologue
600×200 cm ×4
Mix Media (PVC laminated fabric, steel wire, blower)


The cruel and sanguinary character of the natural instinct is a form of stubbornness: nature will never change. The tattoo- like visual pattern that appears on the artwork titled Stubborn Monologue takes inspiration from a mix of admiration, veneration and fear that humans have towards sharks. Through this artwork, the artist hopes to encourage the viewers to respect nature and to make them understand that nature will not change because of the actions of humans. This artwork is also a reminder of nature’s stubbornness and obstinacy.


Yang Kai was born in 1986 in YanTai in the Shandong province, Yang Kai graduated from the University for the Creative Arts (UK, Kent Institute of Art & Design). His artistic style is characterised by the use of ink and water, and his practice of combining traditional Chinese references with contemporary themes and subject matters. He is currently emerging as one of China’s most significant contemporary artists.
Aileron - Beli - Monaco 2014
Aileron - Beli - Monaco 2014