Honourable Avidity
180 x 300 cm
Oil on Canvas

The central part of the painting shows a man wearing a solemn, Western suit. He appears to be coming towards us carrying a shark. Coloured lines adorn the shark’s body, representing the desires and selfishness of humans. In the background, round, colourful lights evoke a theme park. The vegetation and patterns on the ceiling highlight the ambivalence of a greedy, hypocritical society. The weakened shark, frightened and sad, seems overwhelmed by colour.


You Jin was born in 1979 in Shenyang, China and graduated from Lu Xun Fine Art Academy in Visual Design. He currently resides in Beijing. You Jin’s chaotic art is characterised by colour, light and lines contrasting with a precise, mechanical technique. The contrast between chaos and order weakens the traditional pictorial expression of his works. The formation of Jin’s artistic language as chaotic code is related to man’s progress. It serves as a reminder of the positive and negative effects of development and progress.

Honourable Avidity - You Jin - Monaco 2013