Tale from the Pacific Ocean
Mixed Media


The artwork “Tale from the Pacific Ocean” is created using the technique of assemblage. It combines materials and tools which are used for fishing. The work, a visual representation of the net that captures fish, proposes an interpretation of the relationship between humans and nature and suggests a metaphorical underlying meaning in the title. The word “fish net” in Chinese ( 漁 網 yú wǎng), reads the same as the word “greed” ( 慾 望 yù wàng): this wordplay hints at human greed and uncontrollable desire in contemporary society. The artist hopes to make people rethink the relationship between humans, nature and society and the future of humanity.


Born in 1967 in Beijing, Zhang Qikai spent his undergraduate years at the National Academy of Fine Arts of China before moving to Italy, where he attained his Master’s degree from the Institute of Design of Milan. Since then, Zhang has travelled extensively between China and Europe to participate in art workshops and exhibitions. Zhang produces works that are highly philosophical and reflective in nature, with a focus on the deeper meanings of life that resonate with viewers worldwide. He received the highest honour at the Biennale of Asian Art in Italy for his installation, “Forest of Heaven.”
Aileron - Beli - Monaco 2014