The Butterfly in Love with the Flower
652 x 206 x 410 cm
Stainless steel

The distinctive surface of the sculpture, a large stainless steel depiction of a shark fin, is characterised by its delicate bubble-like structure. This irregular structure represents the idea that unsubstantial elements may appear externally strong but are transient and evanescent in nature, referring to the idea of the shark as a powerful creature that is in fact in danger of disappearing, dissolving like a bubble, as a result of human’s urge to dominate nature. The title Butterfly in love with the flower refers to a Chinese poem in which a butterfly falls in love with a flower about to disappear.


Born in 1978 in Chi Feng, Inner Mongolia, Zheng Lu graduated from the sculpture department of Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 2007. Belonging to the generation of young Chinese artists that witnessed the rapid economic, social and cultural changes in China due to the opening of China after the economic reform, he combines aspects of Chinese traditional philosophy and culture with Western influences. In addition to China, his works have been exhibited in France and the USA.


Butterfly in love with a flower - Zheng Lu - Monaco 2014