366 x 162 x 245 cm
Stainless Steel


Exploring the possibility of harmony between humans, sharks and sea life, this sculpture of a great white shark provides a positive contrast to other works in the exhibition. Steel silhouettes of ocean creatures such as crabs, jellyfish, tuna and sea snails form the structure of the shark. On its back are the figures of two small children, illustrating the idea that humans are not a part of sharks’ natural food chain and that sharks are not humans’ natural enemies. The hollow shark structure, made from highly polished stainless steel, contains a bright light, casting a complex shadow onto the surrounding walls, like a vast shoal of fish. The image of the children on the shark’s back adds to the harmony and tranquillity of the work.


Born in 1979 in the Northeast region of China, Zou Liang graduated from the sculpture department of Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. His sculptures frequently attempt to explore the existential conditions of life, reflecting the artist’s individuality in relation to history and modernism.

Moscow Image Credit: Natasha Polskaya
Swimming - Zou Liang - Monaco 2014