Wang Guoeng Memory and Truth

Wang Guoeng
Memory and Truth

Memory and Truth Memory and Truth 199 x 148 cm x 2Photography 2017The artwork takes images from various shark related videos to create a harmonious, visual montage. The single frames from these sources create a sequence; an abstract but readable visual. The work...
Zhang QikaiTale from the Pacific Ocean

Zhang Qikai
Tale from the Pacific Ocean

ZHANG QIKAI Tale from the Pacific Ocean Mixed Media 2017   The artwork “Tale from the Pacific Ocean” is created using the technique of assemblage. It combines materials and tools which are used for fishing. The work, a visual representation of the net...
Yang Tao Ode to eating

Yang Tao
Ode to eating

YANG TAO Ode to eating Free Measurements Installation 2017   The main body of the artwork is made up of delicate and fragile ceramics and the surface of the shark features images inspired by Chinese traditional iconography, traditionally displayed on the surface...
Yan Kai Stubborn Monologue

Yan Kai
Stubborn Monologue

YANG KAI Stubborn Monologue 600×200 cm ×4 Mix Media (PVC laminated fabric, steel wire, blower) 2017   The cruel and sanguinary character of the natural instinct is a form of stubbornness: nature will never change. The tattoo- like visual pattern that appears on...
William TongOverfishing

William Tong

WILLIAM TONG Overfishing 91×121 cm Oil on canvas 2012 Taking as reference fish printing kept as a trophy by those who love fishing, the artists creates the series of artworks”Fish Fusion” focusing on the topic of environmental protection. Through thin and...