Wu MingZhongShark Fin, Shark Fin

Wu MingZhong
Shark Fin, Shark Fin

WU MINGZHONG Shark Fin, Shark Fin 180×300 cm Acrylic and mineral color on canvas 2017 The painting, characterised by a conceptual artistic approach, reveals the image of shark who has become a victim of human greed. Wu Mingzhong adopts his distinctive style...
Wang LuyanNet

Wang Luyan

WANG LUYAN Net 800×2400×1450 cm Stainless steel and lacquer 2017 On the theme of On Sharks & Humanity, Wang Luyan designed a monumental work of art named « The Net ». This imposing drag net wraps the hall the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, and epitomizes excessive...
Philippe PasquaWho should be scared

Philippe Pasqua
Who should be scared

PHILIPPE PASQUA Who should be scared 900×362×478 cm Polyurethane board 2017 This 9 meters long piece of art represents a shark being hung to an arch and portrays the poach-ing of this threatened species. Philippe Pasqua intends to ironize on the fact that the biggest...
Ma MingzeKafka Morning

Ma Mingze
Kafka Morning

MA MINGZE Kafka Morning 266×196 cm,56×56 cm Oil on Canvas 2015 “We are like abandoned children, lost in the forest. Do you feel my sorrow when you stand in front of me? Do you feel your own sorrow?” – Franz Kafka Both paintings focus on the broad...
Li Jie Being Captured

Li Jie
Being Captured

LI JIE Being Captured 90×120 cm×2 Acrylic on canvas 2017 Sharks cannot speak, however they deeply respect the Ocean; Ocean cannot speak, however it deeply respects the Universe. Humans are clever and rational, however they have the misleading arrogance to be the...