Li JiWeiForgotten Landscape

Li JiWei
Forgotten Landscape

LI JIWEI Forgotten Landscape 250×400×130 cm Mixed Media 2017 “Forgotten Landscape” is an installation composed by half abstract objects which create different visual effects with natural images and landscapes. While rotating, at a certain time these three object align...
Li HuiNirvana – Shark

Li Hui
Nirvana – Shark

LI HUI Nirvana – Shark 230×550×260 cm Stainless Steel and lacquer 2014   What strikes the viewer’s attention is the image of a deformed container which is hit by a shark: the profile of the shape of the shark emerges very clearly. A container is meant...
Alister Wong My Shadow

Alister Wong
My Shadow

ALISTER WONG My Shadow 80×60 cm Oil on canvas 2017   The painting represents the image of a shark swimming in the blue Ocean: above the Ocean, in the blue sky, a human shadow is reflected: at a closer look, we actually realize that it is the shadow of a shark....
Marcus WongFreedom in the Ocean

Marcus Wong
Freedom in the Ocean

MARCUS WONG Freedom in the Ocean 60×80 cm Oil on canvas 2015   In the colorful Ocean, many different species of fishes and other marine creatures live together enjoying this wonderland filled with joy and freedom. However, as humans are massacring sharks because...
Liu ZiningBlue

Liu Zining

LIU ZINING Blue 180×180 cm Oil on canvas 2017   Blue is the colour of the Ocean and it can be associated with the idea of vastness, inclusiveness, purity and eternity. However, the blue eye in this work represents the sorrow of the shark. The background is...