Fan Xueyi  I Am Part Of You

Fan Xueyi
I Am Part Of You

FAN XUEYI I Am Part of You Poem 2014 “I am part of you Despair or sorrow I am with you So long The sea shore So lone The darkness And you On the land like the stars Take me to the depth of the sea Seek the sky I am part of you” Fan Xueyi believes we are...
Fu Tso Hsin  Whale Shark Mother and Child

Fu Tso Hsin
Whale Shark Mother and Child

FU TSO HSIN   Whale Shark Mother and Child     180 × 150cm (Two pieces)     Oil on Canvas and Propylene     2015   A shark fin dominates the painting. The profile of a whale shark can be seen in the bottom right corner of the...
Gao Xiaowu Evolution

Gao Xiaowu

GAO XIAOWU Evolution 328 x 183 x 179 cm Stainless Steel Sculpture 2014   This sculptural depiction of a shark transforming into an extravagantly ornamental goldfish illustrates the human tendency to work against nature. The title refers to rebirth and...
Mark Leong  The Harvest

Mark Leong
The Harvest

MARK LEONG The Harvest 100 x 80 cm Documentary Photography     Covering Asia’s multi-billion dollar wildlife trade for National Geographic, Leong travelled to ten different countries over a three year period. He photographed bears pumped for bile in Hanoi,...