Li Hui  Door

Li Hui

LI HUI Door Dimensions variable Laser, Mirrored Surface, Steel, Aluminium Alloy 2015 The wall structure of Door has been created using laser lights. The carefully positioned rays illuminate the sides of the door as well as its upper section, which has a mirrored...
Li Hui Tsunami Shark

Li Hui
Tsunami Shark

LI HUI Tsunami Shark 200 x 100 x 240 cm Mirror Finished Stainless Steel, Resin 2014 The power of the tsunami and wrath of nature are explored through the sense of fragmentation and destructive energy that emanates from this sculpture. A harpoon pierces the mirrored...
Li Jiwei  Don’t Copy II

Li Jiwei
Don’t Copy II

LI JIWEI Don’t Copy II Dimensions variable Plastic, propylene, stainless steel, dynamo and lighting 2015 Made up of more than 70 pieces of transparent material, Don’t Copy II forms the outline of a shark. The four metre long sculpture is suspended in middair and...
Ling Jian  500 Million Years of Being

Ling Jian
500 Million Years of Being

LING JIAN 500 Million Years of Being Made up oof 11 pieces Water colour, ink and water paper 2015 Sharks have existed for 500 million years, so they have a lengthy history behind them. Concepts of time and the universe are often related to infinity, yet this idea is...
Liu Ruowang  Animal Series

Liu Ruowang
Animal Series

LIU RUOWANG Animal Series 820 x 520 cm Oil on canvas 2015 The shark and the metal cage seem to attack each other. The spilled blood is the result of a clash between nature and contemporary civilisation. The painting prompts the question: If the situation were...