Fan Xiaoyan Double Protection

Fan Xiaoyan
Double Protection

FAN XIAOYAN Double Protection 120 x150 x 190 cm Stainless Steel & Bronze 2015 This sculpture is made out of one piece of metal. A whirlpool of yellow eels wrap around the body of a shark. Other metal pieces show the protective arms of jellyfish covering the...
Fan Xiaoyan  Mirage

Fan Xiaoyan

FAN XIAOYAN Mirage 390 x 176 x 210 cm Stainless Steel, Copper, Red Light 2013 The steel used in this work is cold and harsh. It evokes something cruel and inhumane, such as a knife piercing the body of a shark. The shark itself is suspended and inanimate, like a pig’s...
Na Wei  Dancing On The Back Of The Shark

Na Wei
Dancing On The Back Of The Shark

NA WEI Dancing on the back of the shark 200 x 300 cm Oil on Canvas 2013 In the painting, two gymnasts are balanced on the back of a shark. The gymnasts mirror each other while the shark moves delicately across the water. Their bodies and silk ribbons have formed a...
You Jin  Honourable Avidity

You Jin
Honourable Avidity

YOU JIN Honourable Avidity 180 x 300 cm Oil on Canvas 2013 The central part of the painting shows a man wearing a solemn, Western suit. He appears to be coming towards us carrying a shark. Coloured lines adorn the shark’s body, representing the desires and selfishness...