Wang LuyanNet

Wang Luyan

WANG LUYAN Net 800×2400×1450 cm Stainless steel and lacquer 2017 On the theme of On Sharks & Humanity, Wang Luyan designed a monumental work of art named « The Net ». This imposing drag net wraps the hall the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, and epitomizes excessive...
Liu Zining Us

Liu Zining

LIU ZINING Us 300 x 200 cm Board, propylene, silk mesh, transparent acrylic 2014   Looking at you looking at me 300 x 200 cm Board, propylene, silk mesh, transparent acrylic 2014   BIO Born in the Northeastern region of China in 1983, Liu Zining graduated...
Fan Xueyi  I Am Part Of You

Fan Xueyi
I Am Part Of You

FAN XUEYI I Am Part of You Poem 2014 “I am part of you Despair or sorrow I am with you So long The sea shore So lone The darkness And you On the land like the stars Take me to the depth of the sea Seek the sky I am part of you” Fan Xueyi believes we are...
Gao Xiaowu Evolution

Gao Xiaowu

GAO XIAOWU Evolution 328 x 183 x 179 cm Stainless Steel Sculpture 2014   This sculptural depiction of a shark transforming into an extravagantly ornamental goldfish illustrates the human tendency to work against nature. The title refers to rebirth and...
Li Hui Tsunami Shark

Li Hui
Tsunami Shark

LI HUI Tsunami Shark 200 x 100 x 240 cm Mirror Finished Stainless Steel, Resin 2014 The power of the tsunami and wrath of nature are explored through the sense of fragmentation and destructive energy that emanates from this sculpture. A harpoon pierces the mirrored...