The typical setting for an office worker is a small desk amongst a sea of other desks, all packed in to a large concrete building. This has some advantages, such as the efficient use of space, but most people acknowledge that the atmosphere is not conducive to a creative mind-set.

Parkview Green Beijing (home of Parkview Arts Action – the building is pictured above) is an example of an office which is changing the standard office layout. The spaces are lit naturally by sunlight filtering in through the ETFE roof. This transparent material also allows the greenery outside to be clearly seen on the inside, and the interior of Parkview Green has plants and trees scattered throughout.

Similarly, the new projects from Groundwork London are offering a new and unconventional office space to London workers. Their new project, TREExOFFICE, is a pop-up office (a pod on stilts) which has been installed in Hoxton’s leafy square. The outer walls of the office are a combination of transparent plastic and translucent polycarbonate. The space blurs the line between interior and exterior, between cultivated man-made space and nature. The office is now open for bookings and is available to community groups free of charge at weekends. Click below to book the space.

Amongst architects, there is a new focus on buildings which incorporate and respect nature. This is encouraging for multiple reasons, not least because it is indicative that there is growing respect for the environment. What is also shows is that the public are still searching for ways to incorporate both art and nature into their everyday lives.