It’s great to see a town embracing their Great White Shark visitors. An increase in spottings of Great White Sharks has boosted tourism in the town of Chatham, USA. The enthusiasm and warmth of the people turn the ‘Jaws’ narrative upside down.

“Attitudes have changed,” said Kevin McLain, executive director of the Chatham Orpheum Theater, the town’s restored movie house, where “Jaws” is playing twice a day throughout the summer.

“There’s a line in the movie, that if you yell ‘Shark!’ on the Fourth of July, we’re going to have a panic on our hands,” he said. “In Chatham now, you yell ‘Shark!’ in the middle of town, people come running to the beach, not away from it.”

Shark merchandise is in Chatham’s shops. There are kayak and guided boat tours of the bay. Tourists are desperate to spot one of the newly arrived Great White Sharks. Read more about Chatham’s shark-love here:

Image Source: Pixabay