Wang Luyan exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in St Etienne, France

Part of France-China 50th anniversary celebration of Franco-Chinese diplomatic relations

14 June – 21 September 2014

One of the most influential Chinese contemporary artists, Wang Luyen, exhibits in France for the first time. To mark 50 anniversary of Franco-Chinese diplomatic relations, the exhibition opens on 14 June 2014 in the Museum of Contemporary Art in St Etienne. Concurrently Wang Luyen’s monumental installation ‘The Net’ can be viewed at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco from 8 June 2014 to 8 March 2015 as part of the collective exhibition of 10 Chinese contemporary artists entitled On Sharks & Humanity. The exhibition was created especially on theme of shark conservation for the Oceanographic Museum by Parkview Arts Action, an arts organisation focused on environmental themes.