Wang Luyan 22

Galleria Alessandro Bagnai, an Italian gallery, will host a solo show by the Chinese artist Wang Luyan from 25 June to 26 September 2015.

The exhibition features a series of new paintings from the artist and a large pistol in stainless steel. Wang Luyan’s clear, realistic paintings mirror the style of technical drawings and also echo the Pop Art movement. These are paintings which celebrate things simply for their existence.

In the exhibition, Wang Luyan explores the idea of self-destruction. He transforms everyday items into irrational objects of potential danger. The activation or action of these objects could either damage the user or not affect them at all. Much of the artist’s imagery shows a violence that is both suicidal and reciprocal: homicide implies suicide. The steel pistol shoots in two directions, forwards and backwards, killing not only the enemy but also the shooter himself. The paintings with cages also present a sort of logical theorem: opening entails closing. The more we open, the more we close.

The mechanical production of Wang Luyan’s installation and two-dimensional diagrams reflects the modernisation of China. In the 1990s, Chinese industrialisation was developing quickly, so the industrial materials and mechanical parts were incorporated into artworks.

Wang Luyan reveals the ethical and aesthetic preoccupations of contemporary Chinese artists, while at the same time pursuing authentic narratives.

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