Here are some statistics from the latest WildAid report, and here’s a link directly to the document:

1> 82% decline in sales reported by shark fin vendors in Guangzhou, China and a decrease in prices (47% retail and 57% wholesale) over the past two years.

2> 85% of Chinese consumers surveyed online said they gave up shark fin soup within the past three years, and two-thirds of these respondents cited awareness campaigns as a reason for ending their shark fin consumption. The second and third most popular reasons given were that they “want to protect sharks” and that it is “cruel the way they kill sharks” –key messages of WildAid’s public awareness campaign. The government banquet ban was cited as a reason by 28.2% of survey respondents.

3> 24 airlines, three shipping lines, and five hotel groups have banned shark fin from their operations.

4> 80% decline in prices paid to fishermen from 2007 levels in Tanjung Luar and Lombok in Indonesia and a decline of 19% since 2002-03 in Central Maluku, Southeastern Maluku and East Nusa Tenggara.

5> Of 20 Beijing restaurant representatives interviewed, 19 reported a significant decline in shark fin consump- tion. All agreed that WildAid PSAs featuring Yao Ming had “definitely raised awareness among customers.”