We have explored less than five percent of the ocean. Today is a day for celebrating and appreciating the oceans’ majesty and mystery.

The theme of this World Oceans Day is ‘Healthy oceans, healthy planet.’ This attitude is reflected in the Parkview Arts Action exhibition ‘On Sharks & Humanity’ which outlines and explores the vital role which sharks play within out marine ecosystem.

There are events taking place across the world, from Oklahoma to Chennai. The interactive map on the World Oceans Day website allows you to look up events near you. Alternately, today is a great day to make promises and commitments to ensure the future health of our oceans. There are five trillion pieces of plastic floating in the ocean – why not make a promise to never use a plastic bag again?

Another way to give up plastic is to stop buying cleansers which contain plastic microbeads. These microbeads, commonly found in popular facial cleansers, get washed straight down the plughole and into the ocean. The result? Animals, including zooplankton, mistake the microbeads for food.

See the below website for details of events near you: www.worldoceansday.org

Image Source: Unsplash